About the Island

Koh Larn is a beautiful island just 7 km off the coast of Pattaya, Thailand. Crystal clear turquoise seas and a variety of water sports makes this tropical paradise unique among Pattaya’s nearby islands and a favorite getaway for thousands of visitors each year. Koh Larn (the English translation of the Thai Ko Lan) is aptly named Coral Island for the abundance of reefs surrounding its shores, luring snorkelers and scuba divers to explore its unique formations and rich marine life. In addition to its underwater activities, Koh Larn offers parasailing, banana boat rides, jet ski rentals, swimming and sunbathing as well as hiking and mountain climbing. And many of the prices for services and activities on the island are negotiable.

Though the largest of Pattaya’s “near islands,” Koh Larn is only 4 km x 2 km in size. Much of it is mountainous and covered in low tropical forest. To better enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the island, visitors can take stone steps up Khao Nom mountain. The 200-meter ascent to the top is well worth the spectacular, nearly 360-degree view of the Gulf of Thailand and neighboring islands. A pavilion at the top offers a place to rest before heading back down. Two piers welcome visitors to Koh Larn. Naban Pier is located on the eastern side of the island closest to Pattaya and is the most widely used pier. Every transportation available on the island can be found at Naban Pier. Tawaen Pier is situated on the western portion, conveniently located near the popular Tawaen Beach.

Though there are only approximately 1000 residents on the island (most living in the village of Naban), Koh Larn is equipped with a police station, medical facility and a school as well as a variety of eateries and lodging. Water sports, sunbathing, hiking, shopping, restaurants, resorts . . . whether visiting the island for a day trip or planning an family vacation, Koh Larn offers something for everyone!

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